Our sports codes are: ladies and men gaelic football, hurling, camogie and gaelic handball.

Changes may occur, be sure to be added to the relevant mailing list and/or Whatsapp group, via our Facebook page 🙂

Mondays @ 8.30pm : gaelic football at stade Pershing (Paris)

Gaelic football training at stade Pershing

Address: Route Bosquet Mortemart, 75012 Paris

Nearby public transportation:
Vélib, station n°12164 (Stade Pershing)
Bus 112 (Mortemart Av de Tremblay), Bus 201 (Mortemart)
Métro 1 (Château de Vincennes)
RER A (Joinville-le-Pont or Nogent-sur-Marne)

Carte accès Stade Pershing

Wednesdays @ 7.15pm: either gaelic football or hurling/camogie at stade Louis Lumière (Paris)

Training every week, but either gaelic football (approx. every fortnight) or hurling/camogie training (approx. every fortnight). Check the planning to know which week it is 🙂

Address: Stade Louis Lumière, 30 rue Louis Lumière, 75020 Paris
Nearby public transportation: Marie de Miribel (Tramway T3B), Porte de Bagnolet (Metro 3), Porte de Montreuil (Metro 9)

Fridays @ Gaelic handball at stade Charles Moureu (Paris)

Gaelic handball training at Complexe sportif Charles Mourieu

Address: 17 avenue Edison, 75013 Paris
Nearby public transportation: Olympiades (Metro line 14)

Some Saturdays at 10am during Summer: either gaelic football or hurling/camogie at Plaine de Jeux du Polygone (Vincennes)

Some Sundays at 6.15pm: either gaelic football or hurling/camogie at Stade Léon Bonvoisin (Vincennes)

Training approximately every other Sunday, either gaelic football (approx. once a month) or hurling/camogie training (approx. once a month). Definitely check the planning ! 😀

Address: Stade Léon Bonvoisin, Route de la Pyramide, 94300 Vincennes
Nearby public transportation:  Plaine de la Falluère (Bus 112), Château de Vincennes (Metro 1)

Recap per code

Ladies & Men gaelic football:
Every Monday
approx. 1 out of 2 Wednesdays
approx. 1 out of 4 Sundays

approx. 1 out of 2 Wednesdays
approx. 1 out of 4 Sundays

Gaelic handball
Every Friday